Fragger Feature Request(s)

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Fragger Feature Request(s)

Post by jgt1942 » Sun Nov 14, 2010 4:52 pm

I've been using fragger to test disk defragmentation (really neat tool) and have a few suggestions (feature request).
(1) Pause function - the Fragger performance hit on my system is huge. I'd like to be able to pause fragger and then resume later. Either a manual pause/resume or an enhanced pause where I could specify the pause time and then fragger would automatically resume at the point where it stopped after the time elapsed.

(2)Ability to select multiple disk at the same time. One of my system has 7 different physical drives and as a test I'm fragmenting all of the disk.Currently this is a one at a time process. All of my systems have multiple drives, at least 2 and most often 3 or 4.

(3)Ability to preset the number of fragmentations desired. Example I want 2M fragmentations on the U drive and 5M on the T drive, etc. When the preset number is reached fragger would automatically stop fragmenting that disk.

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