Founded Difficulties on translation

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Founded Difficulties on translation

Post by felipelima » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:40 am

Cox, strangly when I changed value on field "namenative" on language file to other than not "english" string makes the software not use the translation like expected. Does .Net interfere in any way on this?

(example gratia)

changed field "namenative" from english to "Português Brasileiro" (= "Brazilian Portuguese" in portuguese) like is proposed on template file, led translation stops work.

Touch that field make translation stops to work.

For now leding such filed alone.

Was any similar issue like this reported?

Founding problems in displayed text, some parts hulted at bottom of some lines, attaching a screenshot.

Native system is Windows 7 x64. Changed profiles with sucess.

Another trouble was using accents acute and tilde, when used make translation stops to work too. Is it maybe something with encode to portuguese language?

Translating and omitting accents by now.
This is a screenshot of a strange lines display.
screenshot1strangelines.jpg (104.7 KiB) Viewed 3096 times

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Re: Founded Difficulties on translation

Post by BootBlock » Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:56 pm

Hi felipelima,

.NET (and by extension, Profile Relocator) .xml files need to have non-standard ASCII characters HTML-encoded. For example, & must be written as &, and Português Brasileiro must be written as Português Brasileiro.

You can use an HTML Encoder site such as this one here if you don't have any other means of encoding text.

The above also applies to accents.
Founding problems in displayed text, some parts hulted at bottom of some lines, attaching a screenshot.
Looking at your screenshot, it appears the fonts are very large; I'm assuming this is due to either the DPI or font-size setting within Windows. Click here to see how it normally looks.

When you send me your translation, I'll make any necessary changes to the interface to fix any visual problems that are related to the normal font size in Windows. I'll attempt to fix any large-font issues, but it was always my understanding that .NET handled that itself - but your screenshot suggests it doesn't.

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