Infinity Monkeys

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Infinity Monkeys

Post by Zallist » Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:41 pm

So, just randomly tried the infinity monkeys application. Didn't expect much. I let it run for a minute, then just opened the first text file. I now feel it might ACTUALLY be possible (if it was left long enough and had an internal database to check for). o_o


So, I managed to get omgwtfbbq, cat and far all in the first few lines of the first text. Amazing or wut?

Edit: Sorry the first one is so big. xD
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Re: Infinity Monkeys

Post by BootBlock » Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:22 pm

To be honest, I've never actually checked for any real words during testing.

Although I did think of maybe doing an image version just for the hell of it. Say, a starting image size of 16x16 and generating random ones to see if anything recognisable eventually pops up.

An excuse to do some more coding with threads, I guess.

Also: Programmer's Notepad, woo!

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Re: Infinity Monkeys

Post by emphatico » Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:19 am

Just in case someone reading this hasn't a clue what the discussion references:
It has been posited that "An infinite numbers of monkeys with typewriters
could write all of Shakespeare's works."

> ...omgwtfbbq, cat and far...

@Zalist:- monkeys/static/data/intelligence/language/ideas/information
:- What must come first?

Something to think about:

"omgwtfbbq" as a complete acronymic phrase of words in English, only means
something if there is a stable framework containing data comprised of letters,
which is then understood as ideas communicated using words and phrases in the
receptor language of you, the hearer/reader. Change any one of those things,
and you have gibberish. It's "intruiging" to us, simply because we recognize the
phrase/acronym and the words "cat" and "far". If we spoke Farsi or Icelandic,
it would still be gibberish (to us).

The typewriter/computer (and the required paper,ink/application has to be
intentionally prepared by someone intelligent, using a stable framework and
language/code for someone else also conversant with that same framework
and languag/code. Other things to be considered would be the manufacture
of an infinite number of typewriters, the destruction of an infinite number
of forests (and therefore ecosystems and planets), the infinite number of
beings required to keep these monkeys fed, washed and, etc...

Though it's intriguing to think about (thankfully, with brains that have the
ability to do this), there's no way to test it, as there's no way to supply
even the "initial" requirements. Yes, I realize that there's actually nothing
sensible about an referring to an "initial" supply of an infinite number of
monkeys and typwriters - not to mention the infinite number of editors
[monkey, or man?] needed to finally compile the works and then wait for
Shakespeare to claim that he wrote something that the IMU -
Intergalactic Monkey Union - wrote themselves. (And who knows...maybe
they're STILL writing!)

The premise is impossible, therefore the question/proposition is a straw man.
( Oh..and we'd have to actually recognize it as straw, and know what a man
looks like. :-D )

Yes, but even so, it's cool you found those words.



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