Schedule Wolex? Going from "great" to "superb"

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Schedule Wolex? Going from "great" to "superb"

Post by AddeDaMan » Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:58 am


Im trying to get people here at the office to use Wolex. And it works great! Reason is we need the computers to set to "sleep after 1 hour", but running about and slapping Spacebar everytime we need to wake them up is... cumbersome.

But when the machines actually needs to be working all night at some complex render - and they fall asleep anyway. Hence my request/question now:

Can Wolex be scripted? Put in "Scheduled Tasks"? What I want to do is just send a "wake on lan" every five minutes to all computers. And also be able to turn this net-send-machine-gun ON and OFF when the machines are acctually meant to sleep.

Would that be possible? Can Wolex be put in Windows7's "Schedueled tasks"?

I hope this has not been covered before, I tried searching the forums for postings about this.

Cheers and thanks in advance,

Andreas, Gothenburg, Sweden, also old Amiga-owner

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