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Re: Gocomics update

Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:11 am
by BootBlock

Awesome work, noober!

Hmm, wonder what the dot issue is about... tried having a look at the source but none of Comica builds anymore since I've made huge changes to the supporting libraries it uses over the past couple of years.

Currently running the database through some automation tests (tries to download each definition to see if the result is a valid image, etc) and I'll need to get through a big backlog of Comic-X-is-broken emails - and then, THEN, it'll be uploaded. About 2-3 hours after the time on this post, if all goes well.

Thanks again for sorting things out; no-one has mentioned Comica in such a long time that I assumed no-one was using it anymore and so I sort of forgot about it. :|

Re: Gocomics update

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:54 pm
by noober
Hey, thanks for the update!

I think nobody had any big problems with Comica, that's why you didn't hear from people ;)
Or maybe I'm the only one using it anymore...

I found that I have some differences in my list compared to yours:

<Definition Name="Bizarro" LatestComicUrl="" ComicImage="safr" />

Changed name because of dot-problem:

<Definition Name="Mr Lowe" LatestComicUrl="" ComicImage="assets.amu" />
<Definition Name="The Norm 4-0" LatestComicUrl="" ComicImage="assets.amu" />

Added a Gocomics version to existing standalone websites, because of different content:

<Definition Name="Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal-gc" LatestComicUrl=" ... st-cereal/" ComicImage="assets.amu" />
<Definition Name="Sheldon-gc" LatestComicUrl="" ComicImage="assets.amu" />
<Definition Name="Zen Pencils-gc" LatestComicUrl="" ComicImage="assets.amu" />

Re: Gocomics update

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:37 am
by BootBlock
Thanks for the changes - added.

I've also changed the names of comics that contain any file system-invalid characters "just in-case", even though I do remember stripping them out within the I/O code. If a dot character can mess things up for whatever reason, then might as well make that change to be on the safe side.

Edit: Now removed dots from any comic names.