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Gocomics doesn't work any more

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 2:41 pm
by noober
Hi Joseph,
are you still reading this board?

All the Gocomics don't work anymore.
I've tried to find out what they changed, but can't pin it down right now.
Could you try and have a look?

Maybe the current expression matches more than once?

thanks, noober

Re: Gocomics doesn't work any more

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 2:59 pm
by noober
I have a guess:

It seems that
does give two results with most comics.

A comic like "2cowsandachicken" has no larger image, so
hits only once.

I have tried
to get only the image without a "width".
It works, but returns a small image.
Actually, when I tried just "assets.amu" this did work too, giving the small image. Strange, this should definitely match more than once?

So how to get at the zoomed images?
These <img> are in a <div> which has style='display: none;'
Any way to use this?

Re: Gocomics doesn't work any more

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:22 am
by noober
FWIW, I found a way to get at the large Gocomics images after the recent change:

"ComicImage" only looks at the scr argument of an img tag, so it does not see the "width=600" argument. Before the changes, Gocomics put the width in the src, so we could look for that.
Now, the rule "ComicImage=assets.amu" matches 3 images on comics that have a large version, and only one image at those that don't.
The large image is the second, and we can get it with an added "ComicImageIndex="1""
If there is no zoom image, this rule results in an error. So for these comics, we need to leave it at just the "ComicImage=assets.amu"

Example with zoom:
<Definition Name="Adam at Home" LatestComicUrl="" ComicImage="assets.amu" ComicImageIndex="1" />

<Definition Name="Andertoons" LatestComicUrl="" ComicImage="assets.amu" />

There are probably a number of new Gocomics comics missing in the Database, and some now may offer a large image that did not before.