Comical v1.07

Comica (formerly Comical) is a configurable web-comic viewer and downloader. [link]
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Comical v1.07

Post by BootBlock » Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:19 pm

Comical v1.07 has been released.

Press F7 within Comical or click here to update.

Please use this thread for posting any issues you may be having with this version.

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v1.07; 23rd July, 2010.
  - Added: Report As item to the comics list context menu.
  - Other: Read Next New Comic now starts from the current comic and wraps around.
  - Other: Downloading an existing comic will now mark it as read if it's marked as unread.
  - Other: Improved all comic list favourite icons.
  - Other: Alt-Text entries within the developer's log are now properly URL decoded.

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